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About Me

DRS Color Studio shaped the future for myself in 2013.  I have always had love, respect and appreciation for the beauty of a woman since I was a young girl. The idea that women display grace, strength, and vulnerability is something that separates us more than any other qualties. This adoration fueled with the passion I have for the beauty industry is what has led me to continue to nourish my business.  Styling bridal hair and make up for the last five years is where my heart has been.  To be able to communicate, support their vision, and execute the day of with the pressures that come with a wedding day has been my favorite position so far in this industry.  Being apart of a team and creating lasting looks and memories with local creatives for these brides has impacted me more than I could express. The Color aspect of DRS pertains to the love I have for the other side of the industry. Standing behind the chair.  Graduating from Paul Mitchell the School Co. Springs in ‘09 presented the opportunity to build the amazing clientele that stands with me today.  Specializing in long hair with the emphasis on creating colors to compliment and personalize each guest based off their personal needs is my main focus with each one of my guests.  

I am devoted to consistent education and the movement of community over collaboration.  

Thankful to be chosen to share my passions everyday, 



Diana Rose

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